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Logisol Africa is a leading importer and distributor of Enterprise and Broadband Wi-Fi products in the African region. Our offices in Nairobi, Kigali and Goma are strategically placed to serve the whole of the region.
We are a Master Distributor for the complete range of Telecommunication products from Established European manufacturers.
Uniquely positioned to support the growing markets in the whole of East Africa and beyond, Logisol Africa is the first choice, one stop shop for all Telecommunication and Power products.

Logisol Africa is a Leading Distributor in world Class Telecommunication solutions.

Wireless backhaul is a growing part of telecommunications, and can enable CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) to compete with ILECs (Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers.)

asterisk-ip-phonesGigabit Ethernet links now offer outstanding, high-capacity performance at a relatively low price-point vs. a comparable fiber option. This allows carriers to deliver video, data and voice over wireless internet at a competitive price point and gain market share. Telcos can create redundancy for existing fiber lines or replace them entirely, with no physical digging, sparing valuable resources of time and money.

Monitoring, recording and reporting is vital to safety and security in our global environment.

mobotix-logo2Logisol Africa Group  provides simple affordable network security solutions coupled with a broad range of wireless broadband equipment allowing system integrators to choose the right products for their application

At Logisol we provide Wireless technologies that can be deployed to achieve all objectives and more in fast and cost-effective ways.

arc-3-6lisparaantennaGovernment on the local, state and federal level faces the challenge of growing and evolving with the communities it serves. Safe, private, and reliable communications enable first responders and law enforcement to mobilize and take action when duty calls. Citizens also rely on the secure sharing of their personal information between government departments as a part of everyday life

The increased visibility, regulatory emphasis and lower cost structure makes entry or expansion in the space viable.

cambium_pmp450_ap_5ghz_antenna_downtiltLogisol Africa Group distributes Equipment for service providers . Wireless Wisps (WISPS) have seen growth in all areas due to low barrier access to capital, convergence of technologies, economic opportunities as well as the lack of actual infrastructure support by large telecommunications companies

Physicians and their supporting staff can seamlessly share critical patient records and images (x-rays, CAT scans, MRIs) with one another and with their patients, whether in the same building or in remote locations

ptp650connectorized_angled_300x300Mobile access for EMTs can expedite the sharing of critical patient information and even save lives. Additionally, healthcare facilities can deploy wireless video surveillance, VoIP (internet) phones systems and public WiFi, improving the overall safety, office communications, and waiting room experience for their clientele.

Luxury hotels and resorts, meetings and convention centers, restaurants, and commercial centers are all striving to increase their use and occupancy.

logisol-hospitalityOffering a wireless local access network (WLAN) and data connectivity to guests is now expected.

Such facilities offer pay-to-play solutions and free-deployments generally with a mix of offered services and advertising.

Deploying a wireless mesh campus environment equips both students and teachers with fast access to the tools and resources they need to succeed.

mr42_front-top_transparent-600x199Trenching fiber to interconnect buildings is a costly way to connect remote sights. This fiber or leased line can be replaced with a cost-effective and secure wireless PTP Link. Imagine all your campuses tied to a single LAN and sharing the same material and network management. That is the power of wireless networking!

IP Microwave is the latest technology for broadcasters to carry their content to transmission sites.

mobotix-s15d-1816x1200-copyThis can be achieved in the unlicensed 5.8 GHz frequency or in the recently released “Part 101” licensed frequencies of 6,11,18, and 23 GHz. As our world moves more and more to Internet, IP Microwave will reach farther and connect faster to remote sites, and extend your LAN to the outmost points of your network.

Small and Medium sized businesses need to lay a solid foundation that can be built upon.

original_211193_yfcsvbdxcwwpyhoalnxydbftdBroadband WiFi provides connectivity to your staff throughout your office or campus, not only for internet access at the workstation, but also on all mobile devices. A VoIP phone system for telecommunications and video surveillance can also be integrated into the same WiFi network

Having a dependable wireless infrastructure for monitoring and communications enables smooth operations

ubiquiti-airfiberx-antennas-af-2g24-s45-left-angle-600x600Multiple sites can be connected through wireless links, and SCADA monitoring of remote locations can be accomplished through the new TV White Space wireless technology now available. Video surveillance can also be added to the wireless network to help prevent and detect vandalism or damage due to natural causes.

Industries Served

  • Government
  • Telcos
  • Broadcast
  • SME's
  • MediCenters
  • ISP's
  • Universities