Azotel has been supporting operators since October 2002 and has established itself to become the world leader in subscriber management, service provisioning, business automation and core networks solutions for wireless broadband operators.

Azotel differentiates itself by offering a single platform, used across all operator departments i.e. CRM, dispatch, installation, service provisioning, accounts, banking, help desk, network monitoring, inventory, marketing and management.

This significantly reduces costs, while increasing efficiencies. Reducing the number of software platforms that you require to one, eradicates the need for replicating subscriber data. All departments have controlled and easy access to the latest information about your customers – in real time.

  • SIMPLer Client options

    The WIB or WISP enables operators to deliver contract based services to their customers/subscribers. Subscribers typically sign a contract for a specific service type and are billed on a regular basis for same e.g. monthly or quarterly. The WIB enables operators to define a broad range of connectivity products, including leased line and high-end dedicated bandwidth. It is therefore ideal for serving the corporate, enterprise, residential and SME markets.

  • SIMPLer Server options

    The Hosted / SaaS (Software as a Service) category allows operators to access the full suite of SIMPLer functions, without any of the hassles of setting up and maintaining servers. In addition all data is hosted in a secure environment as part of the service with essential backup procedures already in place. It is an ideal approach for many operators, especially those that are starting out.