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Logisol Africa partners with Clavister a leading Security provider for fixed,mobile and Virtual Network Environments. Clavister has some of the best, most game-changing and fully virtualized solutions for the telecom industry. These Being Firewalls for Domain Security-Mobile Internet Service Providers ( ISP) Core Security and Mobile Network Operators (MNO) Roaming Network Security.Your customers want premium and secure communications… and we have just the right tools—be that our VPN for mobile users or LTE Backhaul Security and a host of others—to make sure you can do just that.

Domain Security

Firewalls In Telecom Networks

Firewalls are critical in many areas of a telecom network, not only in the standardized use cases such as LTE Backhaul Security Gateway, Roaming Security Gateway and Gi/SGi Firewalling but others as well. This includes—for instance—securing the traffic to your DNS servers; a media server or almost anything else exposed to neighboring service providers; hackers on the Internet or to your subscribers.

Backhaul Security

LTE Networks Security

Most LTE-networks are deployed without security due to time-to-market prioritisation and, with the proliferation rate of Small Cells for congested areas, the need for secure backhaul increases dramatically.4G/LTE technology has matured and evolved from early-stage testing to mass-market resulting in massive growth and transformation all over the world.Preventing the risk for an attacker to penetrate the core network and wreak havoc.

Wifi Traffic Opimization

Mobile Operators Security

As a mobile data operator, it’s often absolutely necessary to offload data traffic from the 3G and LTE networks to a more cost effective Wi-Fi network. This is especially true for highly congested areas such as airports, train stations and stadiums. Cost savings and overall better service to the customers are often the main drivers for incorporating these Wi-Fi networks.

Roaming Network Security

Network Providers Security

As a Mobile Network Operator (MNO), you have to provide service to subscribers even while they’re away from their home network. When extending your services and establishing roaming with other service providers, you expose your core-network to a wide range of threats and risks. Not only will the core network be exposed to cyber criminals but also the probing eye of foreign intelligence agencies.

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