backhaul logisolWireless backhaul is a growing part of telecommunications, and can enable CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) to compete with ILECs (Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers.) Gigabit Ethernet links now offer outstanding, high-capacity performance at a relatively low price-point vs. a comparable fiber option


globe_emeaWireless technologies can be deployed to achieve all of thee objectives and more in fast and cost-effective ways. Governments that invest in future-proof wireless infrastructure attract residents and business alike, paving the way for a growing economy and a growing population.

Service Providers

icon-enterprise-itKey to a WISP’s growth and survival is their adaptability and versatility. Properly designed wireless networks can not only be used to deliver high-speed internet access, but also video surveillance, VoIP phone solutions, and IPTV


icon-mobile-telecomWith multiple channels and the growth of HD in today’s broadcast industry, higher throughputs are needed. IP Microwave is the latest technology for broadcasters to carry their content to transmission site


bankingwwBroadband WiFi provides connectivity to your staff throughout your office  not only for internet access at the workstation, but also on all mobile devices. A VoIP phone system for telecommunications and video surveillance can also be integrated into the same WiFi network


INDUSTRY_TECH-TELECOM_2 Imagine all your campuses tied to a single LAN and sharing the same material and network management. That is the power of wireless networking!


engineus bulletLogisol provides simple affordable network security solutions coupled with a broad range of wireless broadband equipment allowing system integrators to choose the right products for their application.


customer-healthcareHigh capacity, HIPPA compliant wireless internet networks now enable healthcare facilities to provide a high quality, highly satisfying patient experience. Physicians and their supporting staff can seamlessly share critical patient records and images (x-rays, CAT scans, MRIs)